By Jackson Mendoza ‘23

I hope you all got what you wished for this Christmas because I sure did not.

Now do not get me wrong; I love Christmas as much as everyone else does. It’s a great time to see your whole family and catch up with people you have not seen in a while.

But we know why we all love it – the presents.

I made a great big list filled with present ideas this holiday season.

To my surprise, I got none of them.

I woke up on Christmas morning full of excitement to open presents and finally get what I have been asking for. When I got down the stairs, the proportion of gifts seemed to be off. There were three presents with my name on them, and five for my brother. While this did alarm me, I did not let it bring my spirits down.

I could hardly wait to open my presents, so, I volunteered to go first. What a mistake that was.

I unwrapped my present only to be met with multiple pairs of socks. That is exactly what every high school student asks for on their Christmas list. This gift would set the tone for what was to come.

My brother opened up his gift next and pulled out a brand new Xbox! As a reminder, I got socks; he got a brand new Xbox.

As I prepared to unwrap my next present, I lowered my expectations. I tore off the wrapping paper, and it was the sweatshirt that I had on my list! I opened up the box only to find out it was the wrong color.

Of course!

As I continued to watch my brother unwrap the presents that he had been wishing for all year long, I finally decided to open my last gift. I was just about ready to get this over with.

I unwrapped the gift with the expectation of getting an empty box. I opened it up and it was a brand new smart watch! I exclaimed in excitement after finally receiving a gift that is worth getting excited about.

That was until I heard my parents say, “Oh, that one was meant for your brother.” I then watched my brother exclaim in excitement after finally receiving a gift that is worth getting excited about.

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that my parents have a favorite.

Merry Christmas, everybody.