The Standard: Super Bowl Halftime Show Review

By Christopher Neary ´19

The Super Bowl halftime show is not something a lot of people look forward to. It features stars who haven’t been relevant for at least a year and have never intrigued many. This year was different.

The show was led by Maroon 5, who came out with one song this year, but besides that hasn’t been relevant in years. The only hope was Travis Scott. His recent hit “Sicko Mode” had people excited to hear him. There was one more thing to be expected, ¨Spongebob Squarepants.¨

Ever since the creator of ¨Spongebob¨, Stephen Hillenburg, died, the subreddit r/spongebobtwitter has petitioned for the song “Sweet Victory” to be played at the Super Bowl. This is because in the episode “Band Geeks,” Squidward has to put together a band to perform a halftime show. The band plays the song “Sweet Victory” and rocks out. There was a petition to have it played at the halftime show. The petition received over 1 million signatures.

Maroon 5 and Mercedes Benz Stadium both hinted that Spongebob would be in the halftime show. People were excited and ready for Spongebob, only to have it ruined in the worst way imaginable.

Squidward showed up on screen in uniform and ready to perform. It changed to Spongebob happily dancing and back to a disappointed Squidward. “Sicko Mode” started playing while the fish played their trumpets. It switched to Travis Scott singing without autotune, which sounded awful. It almost ruined a good song. At this point, nothing mattered.

The halftime show was ruined, and there was no saving it. Halftime shows have never been the best, but this will go down as one of the worst in years.


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