By Nicholas Currier ‘20

Three strikes make a turkey, but what do three turkeys make?

Thanksgiving this year will be interesting. Not only will I be celebrating on Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday as well!

Thanksgiving Day will be the usual celebration event. All of my cousins, aunts, and uncles will meet at my aunt’s house for dinner. From there, the older cousins go out to the park and play a traditional football game. After the game is done or when we get called back for dinner, everyone makes a line in the small kitchen to make their plates.

With so many choices of food, it is hard not to want to take everything. There’s mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, turkey cooked different ways, cranberry sauce, two kinds of gravy, two containers of stuffing, and multiple types of bread. By the time everyone is done eating, it is hard to move. With what little energy is left, the older cousins move over to the television and game consoles. We then play fun games such as “Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero.” Those games may be childish, but the memories and fun are enough to last a lifetime.

Friday is a new addition this year. My older brother is hosting a small Thanksgiving celebration at his apartment. I am not sure what to expect, but I know it will be fun to see everybody and eat more turkey. He plans on having my immediate family and his girlfriend as well as her mom and grandma over. This should make for some fun conversations and an even better time with each other all under one roof.

My older brother Adam said, “This will be my first time ever hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. I am a bit excited as well as nervous. It will be a fun experience and I cannot wait to have everyone I care about around one table to share a meal I prepared for them.”

Saturday is the day I celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandma and aunt. This Thanksgiving celebration is a lot calmer considering there are fewer people. Thanksgiving on Saturday is usually held at my house. I typically help my mom and dad set up the living room for guests and try to help cook. Mashed potatoes may be my new specialty after this year.

Turkey and all of the other delicious food on my plate fill me up quickly, but I always try to save room for my mom’s pumpkin pie. Eating pumpkin pie after having a Thanksgiving meal is not always easy to do so I try to not think about adding a few extra pounds as I scarf done another bite.