By Tony Macellaio ‘22

The last year of high school was the fastest year of my life. At the end of summer, I remember thinking to myself about how busy my senior year would be. Looking back, I wish I would have lived in the moment a little more.

Coming to Brother Rice was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This school has helped me learn to make positives out of negative situations. During sophomore year the teachers I had gave me a lot of assistance throughout the pandemic.

There have been a handful of people in this building that I will forever be grateful for.

One person in particular was Mr. Parker.

Mr. Parker taught me IT Essentials every morning in first period my junior year. Mr. P always came into class with a positive attitude and it spread throughout the room. I was grateful for him teaching me about electronics, but he taught me more about growing up and maturing.

There have been countless memories I’ve made and I’ll miss Brother Rice. I also feel prepared to take the next step in life. I feel confident coming from Brother Rice because of numerous characteristics I’ve picked up throughout my four years here.