By Charley Duggan ‘24

On Friday, Feb. 8, the Brother Rice hockey team faced Providence in game three of the Kennedy Cup playoffs. Both teams came out strong in the beginning. Providence scored first, and Brother Rice answered right back. Shortly after, Providence scored again taking the lead.

Right around the second quarter, the Crusader Crazies came in clutch. The intensity picked up, and the Crusaders came out with a boost of energy. The Crazies, decked out in togas, cheered on the team.

The team had an overall great effort. A great offensive game came from Jack Keaty, James Esposito, and Jack Edison, who all scored in the game. Defense came from Joe Hall, Tommy Witt, and Joe Moonan. The team worked together both offensively and defensively.

Moonan said, “It was a great win for the boys. Personally as a team, we could have been a lot better, but I’m happy to advance. I feel great going into the semifinals. St. Ignatius is good but very beatable, so it will be fun. The win was great. We were amped up all weekend. It was a great atmosphere and probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a game.”

Another outstanding performance came from senior Jack Keaty. Keaty has had an unbelievable season with multiple points and assists, along with making the all-star team.

Keaty said, “It was a huge win and felt very good. The team had a very strong performance, and I helped out the team the best I could. I’m very confident going into the semis with my team. The game was very fast paced back and forth. I’m excited to face Ignatius, but it will be a very tough series.”

On the defensive side, sophomore Joe Hall has improved tremendously. Hall has had multiple saves and has grown throughout the season. Hall had a great performance in game three.

Hall said, “It was great to beat Providence, especially because every game prior was a 1-point game. The team did awesome, but I thought I could’ve played better. I feel confident going into the semifinals, and if we play like we played Game three, we could beat anyone. I was very happy after the game, and the environment in the rink was awesome.”

Edison was the first to score for the Crusaders. Keaty scored two goals in the first and second quarter, and with the last few minutes of the game, Esposito scored the last goal to put the Crusaders up by two goals. The final score was Brother Rice five, Providence three.The Crusaders battled a great win and advanced to the semifinals of the Kennedy Cup playoffs.The Crusaders will play St. Ignatius on Sunday in the semifinals.