By Luke Drew ‘24

On April 16, many local trades gathered in the south gym to give students an opportunity to learn about their specific trade.

Instructors gave students information about the application process, wage information, and benefits of each trade. The trade fair is a huge opportunity for students to learn that college is not the only route after high school.

A roofing instructor from Chicagoland Roofers gave some insight on trades and answered some questions.

Chicagoland Roofers explained why it would be beneficial for someone to join a trade: “No college debt, you will get better pay, and you will get extra money from a benefit package, and you will get insurance.”

The roofing instructor also gave us some insight about how long he has been in a trade and how long it takes to succeed: “I have been in the trade for 36 years. I was 14 years non-union and I didn’t know how to join a union and it took me 9 years to join my trade.”

Lastly, the roofing instructor gave some advice for someone who is unsure about joining a trade: “Join a pre-apprenticeship. Get involved in sports and clubs, so you will be good with your hands in the future.”

The fair was a big hit. Many students visited the gym during their free periods just to listen to the trade instructors.