By Frankie Mesec ‘20

Tyler Davros is currently a senior at Brother Rice, the co-low brass section leader.

Tyler can play the trombone, baritone, and tuba. He has been in most of the bands all four of his years at Rice, including the concert bands, competition band, football band, musical pit, and jazz bands.

In addition to his Rice band experience, he has participated in out of school band events, like “Tuba Christmas” downtown and a marching band camp at Ohio State University.

“Freshman year was pretty bare bones for me, because it still felt like grade school to me.” Tyler said. “Sophomore year was a bit challenging and I did struggle with it a bit.”

“Junior year was the wild year. I felt more musical, I had a lot of stuff happen to me, and it has affected me as an individual.” Tyler said, “Senior year still feels like junior year, but a lot better.”

For his favorite year of band, Tyler said, “Personally my favorite year was junior year because I felt more musically involved in band.”

“My favorite part of band was the San Antonio trip and how I got sick on the way back,” Tyler said.

Tyler spoke about his band experience: “With my time in band, I’ve enjoyed it since day one of competition band freshman year, till my last concert in the spring. I’ve enjoyed playing with everyone as well.”

About being section leader, he said, “Being a section leader is not bad at all. It’s a great position to demonstrate leadership and responsibility to someone of higher power.”

Tyler hopes to become a band director someday, and knows all he learned from band will help him in the future.