By Danny Hughes ‘23

“Spectacular” is the word to describe Mother McAuley’s “The Little Mermaid.” So many factors made this musical the MUST SEE SHOW: the talented actors, incredible set design, and intricate fly system, to name a few.

“The Little Mermaid” show on the 19th of November featured Joseph Heilmann and Kaylee McClain.  They were a great duo and made the show truly amazing. The actors grab your attention right from the start with the “Fathoms Below” number as Heilmann comes swinging in on a rope.

Bella Hughes, a senior at Mother McAuley, said, “This show was an incredible blend of talented cast, crew, and pit. You could tell how hard everyone worked for the show. I’m so glad to have been a part of this show!”

Another incredible aspect of the show was the costumes. The show couldn’t be possible without people behind the scenes like the costume crew, stage crew, or lighting crew. They brought the show to life with water effects, props, and thoughtful costume pieces.

Sam Toth, a freshman in the crew, said, “Being a freshman student, I wasn’t sure how McAuley shows functioned behind the scenes. After working on ‘The Little Mermaid’, I was so glad to be part of such a fun show. I’m happy I had the opportunity to help the show in costume crew.”

The pit created the music for the show, and it was filled with Mother McAuley and Brother Rice band students. They played songs throughout the whole musical.

The musical was an amazing performance and this will, unfortunately, be the last musical that I see at Mother McAuley as a high school student. I hope I can find time to come back to see more shows in the future.