By Martin Loughney ‘20

There’s a new epidemic sweeping across this country’s kids, and it cannot be ignored. The epidemic is vaping. Vaping is defined as inhaling vapor produced from an electronic cigarette. The vaping epidemic has reached a lot of the youth in this country, and as a fight against vaping, Brother Rice has started a Vapers Anonymous Club.

The Vapers Anonymous Club is designed to help Brother Rice students break their terrible habit of vaping without fear of being punished.

The club’s president is a recovering vaper who wants to help others who are in the same position that he was in just a few months before.

Mrs. Carbol, a proud advocate against vaping, is the club’s moderator. Mrs. Carbol said, “This club is a place where students can come and feel safe with no judgment and just try to stop their disgusting addiction.”

Senior Caleb Bailey-Stobbs said, “Personally I think vaping is disgusting, however, it’s good we have a club that is actively trying to stop kids from vaping and harming their bodies.”

The Vapers Anonymous Club will be set up in an AA meeting style, where students can share their struggles of trying to quit vaping and have a group to support them in their mission to quit.

Mr. Watson stated, “All in all, I think that it will be more effective to stop students from vaping by counseling and supporting them to stop their addiction, rather than to just punish them.”