By Luke Drew ‘24

As of week 2 of the 2023 season, the Crusaders have been hit hard with injuries. Due to injuries, it has been hard to win games. The Crusaders were still able to get three big wins with an unhealthy team.

On the offensive side, wide receiver Rickey Taylor has been out with a collarbone injury since the week 3 matchup against the Loyola Ramblers. Taylor hopes to be back by the highly anticipated week 9 matchup against the St. Rita Mustangs. Also, tight end Cole Adamski has recently dislocated his jaw.

Senior Rickey Taylor said, “Injuries in this game are always unexpected. I tried to deny the injury when it first happened, hoping it was just a bruise, but I felt that same pain sophomore year the first time I broke it. It was an unlucky injury, but I have been in good spirits to continue to be a leader for the team. I plan to come back either week 9 or the first week of playoffs fresh and ready to continue where I left off.”

The defensive side of the ball has been hammered with unfortunate injuries. During practice of week 3, senior Jake Dugger fractured his collarbone.

Dugger said, “Like Rickey said, injuries are part of the game; it’s tough to not be able to physically impact the game, but mentally, I’m still there for my team. I’m hoping to get back Week 9 or the first week of the playoffs.”

Junior cornerback, Donovan Moody, has been out since week 3 and is back for week 7. Cornerback Jimmy Czerwinski is also out for the week 7 matchup against Nazareth with a concussion. One of the Crusaders best players, junior Christian Pierce, suffered a season ending injury against Marist.

Pierce said, “Injuries are not ideal, but that’s the risk you take playing a sport like football. It sucks to be taken away from the game you love.  I can’t help to think that it was God’s doing and his plan to bring me back better than ever before. Having to rehab a torn ACL and meniscus, there’s not much I can do physically. All I can do now is use the energy I would be using to play into helping my team to the very best I can do.”