By Kevin Murphy ‘22

Brother Rice lacrosse has had a shaky season so far with some bad losses to worse teams. There is a consistent theme to all of their games; a slow first half but fighting to stay in the game during the second half.

The previous three games have all ended in losses. In arguably the worst loss of the season, the Crusaders were defeated 14-4 against Hillcrest, with most of the Crusader goals coming in the final quarter.

“We were not ready to play after spring break at all,” said senior Timmy Gavin. “We were super rusty and we paid the price.”

The next game in Wrigley had a similar outcome. The Crusaders lost 11-2 to DePaul Prep, with once again a terrible first half but managing to put numbers on the board in the third quarter. Seniors Gavin Ward and Kevin Murphy were able to score but to not much effect.

“I just think we need to start playing tough right from the start. We can’t keep waiting to start getting physical until we already basically lost,” said sophomore Cam Rodgers.

In their most recent game, the Crusaders were matched up with Montini Catholic, a team with not nearly as much talent as Brother Rice. Per usual, Montini took a huge lead in the first half, scoring the first goal in just 30 seconds. However, the Crusaders came out firing to start the third with five unanswered goals with help from senior Sean Curtin.

“We definitely have the talent to compete. It is just a matter of how much we want it,” Curtin said.

The Crusaders play Marmion on May 5 where they look to snap their losing streak and finally play consistently.