By Dylan Warda ‘22

On Thursday, Nov. 11, the annual Veterans Day prayer service was held at Brother Rice. The prayer service is a time to acknowledge the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to serve their country.

The prayer service opened with the “Star Spangled Banner” performed by the band and sung by band director Mr. Zach Zielinski. The National Anthem represents the tradition, history, and beliefs of the United States and its people.  “Taps” was also played during the prayer service.

Senior Jimmy Hogan said, “When I heard “Taps,” I felt a sense of pride in my country and thankful for the veterans who served us.”

During the ceremony, senior Carter McAlilly lit 13 candles honoring the 13 men from Brother Rice who gave their lives for their country.

Senior Carter McAlilly said, “I was honored to be chosen to light the candles for the veterans who lost their lives.”

The highlight of the prayer service was former Brother Rice Principal Mr. Jim Antos. Mr. Antos served in Vietnam and gave a very touching speech.

Senior Tom Verran said, “I felt connected to Mr. Antos’ story when he mentioned how young some of his fellow soldiers were.”

Mr. Antos told his experiences in Vietnam and how it has affected him to this day.

Senior Jack Mallon said, “Veterans have gone through things we can never imagine. I think his story is a wake up call to be grateful for what we have today.”

Veterans put everything on the line for their country. It is important they are honored for what they do and what they have gone through. Veterans Day is to celebrate the strength, courage, and dedication of the veterans to the United States.