By Ronan Dolan ‘20

On Thursday, Nov. 14, the solemn rhythms of “Taps” could be heard reverberating throughout the halls of Brother Rice.

For a few somber moments, the trumpets of band students John Klimczak and Ryan Kirchman were the only things the students could hear in the gym during the Veterans’ Day Prayer Service.

Last Thursday’s Veterans’ Day Service celebrated all of the veterans from around the world and from Brother Rice.

One of Brother Rice’s own, Jim Alberts ‘87, came and spoke to the students on his time serving as a military police officer during the late 80s’. Jim, brother of Rice’s principal Bob Alberts, talked of the important life lessons that can be learned in the military.

Senior Jimmy Maguire said, “I was impressed by Mr. Alberts’s stories, even though the microphone was so quiet.”

Senior Sean Joyce’s reading of Ronald Reagan’s tribute to the military was a highlight of the service due to Joyce’s powerful oratory skills.

Junior Miles Jones said, “I felt like the reading of Reagan’s tribute was very inspiring and I thought that the reader did a pretty good job.”

The service was to celebrate Veterans’ Day, which fell on a Monday this year. Veterans’ Day, originally referred to as Armistice Day, commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War I.

Dean of Students Doc Mathius is just one of many veterans who served in the military and this association has created a great sense of trust in men like him.  Senior Alex Roche said, “I’m happy to have a vet like Doc in charge of the students. His status as a military man really keeps us in line.”

The service was concluded with the singing of “America the Beautiful” by the Brother Rice choir and backup acoustics by band director Mr. Zielinski.

Senior Jack Eastman said, “The message was very clear and respectful towards our veterans.”