By Danny Wallace ‘21

Career Day at Brother Rice is one of the many events that seniors look forward to during their final semester. Many students truly enjoy the advice that the alumni speakers give as well as the detailed descriptions of their daily tasks.

But this year, Career Day looked a lot different than usual.

Abiding by COVID-19 protocols, every speaker talked to their assigned class through Zoom or Google Meet. As a result, the only interaction could come through the students that were e-learning, limiting the amount of questions asked and hurting the fluidity of each presentation. Although these setbacks took away from some of Career Day’s glamour, each and every alumnus was still as captivating as in years past.

Senior Aidan O’Connor said, “It was really cool that Brother Rice alumni were still able to come back and tell us about their life stories and jobs despite the circumstances.”

Senior Conor Durkin said, “I think it was great that we were able to have a Career Day in such a different and difficult year. It shows how much Crusaders are willing to help other Crusaders.”

From lawyers to internet personalities, I personally enjoyed the variety of occupations I was able to learn about and consider when it comes to choosing a career in the future. It was crazy to think about how many of them were in my exact position once upon a time.

Senior Quinn Clifford said, “As a senior who is not entirely set on what profession I would like to pursue, Career Day was very advantageous for me to hear some guys’ career stories after leaving Brother Rice.”

Thank you to all the alumni who took time out of their schedules to join us for an unorthodox Career Day. Without you, Brother Rice would surely not be where we are today as a true brotherhood that will do anything to assist each other.