By Nicholas Currier ‘20

It is time. You are finally 18 years old and can vote! Now what? says, “Pay attention to your local newspaper in the days and weeks leading up to an election. Most of them publish voters’ guides that contain bios of the candidates appearing on your local ballot and their party affiliation, as well as details of where they stand on issues important to you and your community.”

As someone who has never voted before, you need to take into consideration all the points of view and thoughts of each side.

It is a lot to take in all at once that’s for sure!

It is time to start doing your homework on each candidate to see if their views match yours. For presidential elections, there are two main parties from which you can vote for: the Democrats and the Republicans.

Each party has conservative and liberal views. These views impact the way the party decides on certain laws and legislation.

Politics can be a very sensitive topic for many people. Some have very strong opinions and do not like to hear the opposing argument. Talking to different people about their opinions and how they decide on certain ideas is one of the best ways to learn.

Your parents are some of the best to talk to as you learn how to go about voting. Do not just copy their vote but that is a good way to start your political journey.