By Tom Devine ‘20

They are both the hottest games to play right now. Most people claim that they cannot put these games down.

I am talking about Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite.

Both games are battle royale style games. They are also free to play for everyone, which I like. All platforms can download the games from PS4, Xbox One, and computers.

Here is the good part – my comparisons and ratings toward both games.

Warzone is harder to play since there are 150 players instead of 100 players like Fortnite.  Warzone is better than Fortnite since it is more realistic as opposed to Fortnite having more anime graphics. I also like how Warzone has real guns, in opposition to Fortnite using generic guns that are fake.

When I asked my friend Kyle which game he prefers, he also chose Warzone.  “I like Warzone better honestly. Too many players are try-hards on Fortnite and the building part is just stupid,” said Kyle.

My rating out of 10 points for Fortnite is 6.5/10. As I said, Fortnite got real old real fast. For Warzone, I give it a 9.3/10. Warzone is a great game all-around, and I plan on playing it for a long time.