By Patrick Panarese ‘24

Two new inductees, Steven Parker and Tom Evans, were put into the Brother Rice Hall of Fame, just recently. Both of these men contributed above and beyond to the Brother Rice community in many different ways.

The induction process occurs at the beginning of November. When November begins, a ballot sheet is presented to current Hall of Fame members. These members elect someone on the ballot to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Then, at a meeting the board members get to choose from the ballot sheets, and will be inducted into the H.

This process is simple but challenging because only a few people can be selected to join this extraordinary group every year.

A group of dads from the Brother Rice Dad’s Club put Tom Evans on their ballot sheet. Mr. Evans wasn’t originally a Brother Rice Crusader, but a Marist Redhawk. After he had his first two sons, both of the sons decided they wanted to go to Brother Rice. He followed their lead and became their number one supporter, going to all of their different events in school, which eventually gave him the drive to want to be fully involved with the school. He decided to join the Father’s Club, which eventually led him to commit 39 years of service to Brother Rice, participating in selling split the pot during football and basketball games and other community service events.

Sandra Jones-Thomas, Director of Technology at Brother Rice, wrote Mr. Parker’s name in the ballot. Then, she received news that Mr. Parker was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and she got the opportunity to introduce him on Edmound Ignatius Rice day. She immediately said yes, and was excited to present the award to him on that special day.

Mrs. Jones-Thomas said, “When asked if I would introduce him, I thought to myself ….what an honor and it made sense. Seeing I have worked closely with him for the past 7 years, I got to know him very well!  Who else could depict his character both in and out of the classroom. Getting the opportunity to share my experience with him over the past seven years was a pleasure. He is not only a coworker, but a brother and a close friend! Well-deserved!”

As Tom Evans and Steven Parker were both announced into the Hall of Fame, so many thoughts and emotions were going through their heads.

Mr. Parker said, “I was in shock and awe when I heard my name called. Today, I am still in shock and blown away by all of the support with the induction. I am unbelievably humbled and thankful to the Brother Rice community for all of the support they have given me.”

Mr. Evans said, “People were asking me if I was going to the mass for the Hall of Fame, which gave me the idea that I got it. I was incredibly honored and glad to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and get to see my family, especially my grandkids. When I got the opportunity to speak in front of the school, I expressed my gratitude and was scoping out people wanting to buy more split-the-pot tickets. I am truly happy and thankful for being inducted into the hall of fame.”

Both of these gentlemen are well deserved candidates for being inducted into the Brother Rice Hall of Fame. It is safe to say that the Hall of Fame has received wonderful people.