By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

Panic sets in as you see an email pop up in your inbox with the subject line, “Your Decision Awaits…”

For seniors, there is a lot on the line. Many seniors apply to some of the most elite universities in the country. With acceptance rates below ten percent, most, if not all of the seniors you know will be rejected.

Rejection is very hard. When you spend four years building the perfect college application, you hope for the best. But when that nerve-wracking letter comes, it is a very uneasy feeling. After opening the decision for your dream school and seeing that it’s a no, it seems as if your whole world is crashing down. All of the late nights, hard work, and dedication feels like it was for nothing!

Rejection unfortunately comes with a series of questions you begin to contemplate, such as, “If I didn’t get into this school, how will I ever be successful in the real world? How will all of my dreams come true? What will I do now?” The list goes on.

Morgan Park Academy senior Olga Mourgelas said, “Rejection hurts. After putting so much effort into how I paint myself to the admissions counselors, I hoped for the best. When it didn’t pan out, I felt defeated and didn’t know what to do next.”

Although there is rejection, there is also acceptance. With a college acceptance comes great joy and jubilation. It feels like all of the hard work is finally paying off. After getting into Fordham University in New York City, I felt very accomplished. It felt like everything I had done and all of the struggles weren’t for nothing. It is truly a great feeling to be wanted!

Marc Ridgell, Brother Rice graduate and current freshman at Washington University in Saint Louis, said, “Being accepted to WashU was one of the best feelings ever! Everything I had done from this point forward had paid off and it was very fulfilling. I am glad that it worked out because I am having the best time at WashU!”

The college admissions process can be a very daunting one. It comes with countless risks and rewards. I urge everyone to not procrastinate this process because it affects the rest of your life! Do everything you can so that you can get a “Yes!” from your dream school. Good luck to the seniors who will be entering this next phase in their lives and to the juniors who will begin this process this fall!