By Dan Golon ‘20

If you want a quality TV series that will keep you entertained during this unfortunate time, look no further.

“The Stranger” is a British thriller series full of all the blackmail and backstabbing you need.

In some of the opening scenes, we see the main character Adam Price carrying on with his everyday life.

Originally we are led to believe Adam has a wonderful family and a great life with his wife, Corrine. But it isn’t long before “The Stranger” takes matters into her own hands as she spills Corrine’s secrets to Adam and sends his life through a disaster of unfortunate events.

As it turns out, Corinne has been up to something outrageous. But why did “The Stranger” drop that bad news on Adam’s head? It is extremely unclear what her motive is, which is what magnifies her mysterious effect.

After she drops a bomb on Adam, she continues to do the same to other characters. At this point one this is for certain: she digs up dirt on anyone she pleases, and she does it well. But again, why?

The horrendous commotion “The Stranger” had begun producing in Adam’s life soon spreads to his children and throughout their social circles. Soon enough it seems like the whole world is turning upside down.

My revelation after finishing the series was that secrets can wield much more power than we think, and that is why most secrets are meant to be kept.

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you,” has never been a more fitting quote for a television series than this. Nearly every character, at some point, feels an effect of one of “The Stranger’s” ludicrous secrets. The effects are unpleasant, and sometimes life-threatening.