By Myles Hopkins ‘19

What is the perfect gift?

Does it truly exist? The perfect gift for the perfect woman varies per relationship. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, gentlemen, it’s time to start thinking about what are the best gifts for your girlfriend, wife, significant other or even someone you’ve had your eye on awhile.

For good gift ideas, I went to one of my strongest sources – my dad.

Being married for 21 years, I’d hoped he had some good ideas, especially since my mom is almost impossible to shop for. When I first approached him on the subject, he said, “What you should do is break up with her on the Dec. 24 and then get back together on Feb. 15 so you can avoid the gift-giving hassle altogether.”

This made me laugh, but for some of us who are already too deep in and missed that Dec. 24 deadline, we need to come up with ideas fast.

He also said, “Make sure to make it a personal message that is just between the two of you.” So, guys, be original in your presents or at least make it personal.

Then, I went to the opposite side of the coin and I asked my mom what was the best Valentine’s Day gift that she had ever received.

She said, “Public displays of affection. I love when I get to show off my flowers to my coworkers.”

You hear that, guys? Make her feel special. I know we have some time, fellas, but ensure it is well thought-out and give her something she can show off to her friends.

My dad said, “Make sure your delivery is on time because every year at the same time, I get a phone call asking where her (Mom’s) flowers are.”

My parents emphasized to ensure the person gets the message that you care about them. I agree, because I’m definitely not wasting my money on someone I kind of like.

Honestly, in my opinion, just take her out to eat and give her a hug. It’s the thought that counts, right?


I’m not saying go out and buy her a diamond ring, but show your special friend you appreciate her and what she has to offer in the relationship. If that means a diamond ring for you, then good luck with that, buddy.

The perfect gift does exist if you deliver the right message along with the materialistic item.  As long as the gift has sentimental value and means something between the couple, then the gift is perfect. It doesn’t matter if it is a single rose or a bouquet, as long as it makes her day, it is the perfect gift.

One last note…this doesn’t mean go out and be cheap.