By Ethan WIlliams ‘20

On Oct. 26, I took a drive out to Midlothian’s Hog Wild. Accompanying me was Brother Rice senior Kevin Connolly.

Kevin got the “world famous” pork chops and I ordered the BBQ platter. I have recently reviewed Hog Wild’s direct competition, Chuck’s BBQ, and was surprised at the differences of meals.

The first difference was the service; Hog Wild knocked this out of the park. We ordered our meals at the counter and got our Southern sweet tea and went to sit down at our table. It already had someone’s food on the table. We were shocked and thought someone else was sitting here, but we took a closer look at the food and it was ours!

We got a food even before we sat down.

Hands down the best service ever. Chuck’s slightly loses in this because it was about a 15 minute wait, but the food was hotter and fresher.

Now onto the actual BBQ sauces, Chuck’s was a lot better overall and tasted a lot more savory, fresh, and had a little more heat. Hog Wild was a bit bland and cold but overall a decent favor. Kevin said his pork chops “tasted amazing – such flavor and tenderness – way better than their BBQ.”

Overall, Hog Wild was a great place to enjoy my Saturday night and when compared to Chuck’s BBQ outshined them greatly in the pork chops and service; however, Chuck’s edges them for the quality and taste of the BBQ.