By Conor Durkin ‘21

Of course we will! Hanging out with random people inside a building that seats 20,000 plus or a grass field is the foundation of humanity.

I have never been to a real concert. Quarantine has made me realize; I need to get to one the moment we get back to normal. I’m lucky. I like just about every form of music, so when we open up, there’s a chance I could be at a Polo G, Foo Fighters, or Darius Rucker concert; it doesn’t matter.

When asked if he would go to concerts again, senior John Creviston said, “I personally don’t want to miss out on what could be some of the best experiences in our life.”

As far as sports go, oh my Lord, I can’t wait to go back to the United Center or Wrigley. I can’t wait to see Patrick Kane score an unbelievable goal and start hugging random human beings.

When asked if he would attend sporting events immediately after the pandemic, senior Quinn Clifford said, “I have been itching to get back in the stands at games. Whether I need to mask up or social distance, I am willing to take any safety precautions to see live in-person events again.”

I can’t wait to see Anthony Rizzo hit a clutch home run late in a game and have some stranger spill something on me in pure celebration. Being a fan is the saving grace of humanity. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Asian, Latino, rich or poor; if your team does something great, everyone is hugging and cheering like they are family. The world needs that right now. So to answer the question, yes, we will be going back to live entertainment.

The live entertainment doesn’t have to be a concert or a game; it can be as simple as a band playing at a local restaurant. WE WANT TO SEE THESE THINGS AGAIN.

When senior Justin Hardiek was asked about live events as a whole, he said, “I will most definitely be going. There is nothing like being a part of a live concert or sporting event.”

Then there’s the other side of things. It’s reasonably safe to say that families are sick and tired of each other in the recent months, so a night in the city at a concert or a restaurant with friends or even alone will be very therapeutic. I kid, but still, people want to get out again.

We are almost there; we just have to wait a little bit longer until we’ve all got a little ‘rona in our arms.