By Connor O’Malley ‘22

When people say high school goes by fast, I did not realize it would fly by that fast. Brother Rice only has a couple more days of school until the seniors start a whole new life. I am excited for the University of Dayton, but I am also sad I will be leaving Brother Rice.

I am going to miss all of the friends I have made at this school. Going to games with them after school was the best part of it all. My favorite game had to be the semi-final in 2018 against Marist in football. I have never seen a stadium that loud and packed.

There has never been a class that I did not like at Brother Rice. Some favorites of mine were physics, chemistry, and IT Essentials. IT Essentials was my favorite and most interesting class.

Mr. Parker made it so, throughout the entire class, we would be interested in how to take apart and put back together a computer. I never would have thought that I would be able to do it on my own by the end of the year.

I have made the honor roll all four years at Brother Rice. I was in the National Honors Society for my senior year. My main sport at Rice was volleyball, but I also played football freshman year. I found out that I am better at volleyball than football, so I started to focus on it. Coach Dwyer has been my coach for these past two years.

Throughout the years, I have made friends with so many new people. My closest friends are students from Rice. I have been friends with most of them during grammar school, but Rice has brought me more together with them and made a better bond.

I will always love Brother Rice and I will have to come back and visit. Thank you to all my teachers and friends during these four awesome years.