By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

I woke up one morning craving one of my favorite dishes: chicken fried rice. I figured I would treat myself and order some. I called up two of my favorite Chinese restaurants and both did not answer. I called one restaurant I saw that was recommended by google. They were also closed. All of the Chinese restaurants were closed due to coronavirus.

I decided to call up one of my least favorite places for Asian food: Wu’s House. I called them and they answered! I was so desperate for chicken fried rice so I placed an order. The lady taking my order was very nice. I asked for a no-contact delivery because of our given circumstances and was assured that I would not be in contact with the delivery driver.

About 45 minutes later, my doorbell rang.

I opened the door and there stood the delivery driver. My mom and I were a bit miffed. We were assured a no-contact delivery and in such an unprecedented time, I had hoped the workers at this restaurant would understand. It was definitely a turn-off.

I ordered a side of chicken fried rice, a side of hibachi noodles, and an order of pot stickers. The chicken fried rice was sufficient. Was it the best one I’ve ever had? No. But it hit the spot. It was a bit too salty. Other than that, it was fine. The hibachi noodles quickly became inedible after a few bites. It was over salted and filled with sodium. It made the taste very overbearing.

I had trouble mustering up the courage to eat the pot stickers. They looked very unappetizing. I knew, like the rest of the food, they would be really salty and I wasn’t sure my body could handle any more salt. I decided it would be best to not eat them. I knew I’d regret it later.

Overall, my experience with Wu’s House was not exceptional. The food was lackluster and the service was not as it was promised to me. It was upsetting, but now I know to check it off my list. I appreciate their kindness over the phone and the risk they take delivering food to people during these trying times.