By TJ Murphy ‘20

As streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are becoming increasingly prominent, Disney has decided to join in on the profits.

A few months ago, Disney announced their all-new streaming service, Disney+, in hopes of increasing their revenue. Since Disney owns networks such as Fox, ABC, ESPN, The History Channel and film companies such as Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilms, they were offering a lot for a cheap price.

Disney+ was released on Tuesday, Nov. 12, and despite some technical problems and server failures on the first day, it was a major success; nearly 10 million people signed up. After the free 1-week trial ends, users will be charged $7 a month, which is cheap compared to Netflix’s standard plan costing $10 per month.

After using Disney+ for one week, I was quite disappointed, especially after having such high expectations. They offer a wide selection of movies and TV shows, but it could definitely use some improvement. At first glance, the 500 movies that Disney+ offers seems like a lot, but when compared to Netflix’s 4,000 movies, it’s almost nothing. In addition, a lot of the movies Disney+ offers are for young children, whereas Netflix caters to all audiences.

I really appreciated the user interface on Disney+. Even though it was my first time using it, I was able to navigate through the titles like a pro. I found movies and TV shows with ease, and I didn’t even notice it until I switched back to Netflix.

The quality on Disney+ was also quite impressive. Even on slow internet, I could watch movies in high definition without much buffering. Even though I have the premium plan for Netflix, which claims to have Ultra HD, I could still see movies more clearly on Disney+, where I paid for the cheapest option.

After my one week trial was up, I faced a decision. I could either pay for Disney+ or continue to use Netflix. After thinking about my experience in the past week with both services, I decided to cancel my Disney+ membership and keep watching Netflix. The TV shows and movies that Netflix offers are too good to pass up, and I can’t see myself not using Netflix after having it for 5 years. I would definitely recommend trying out Disney+ if you haven’t already, especially since they offer a free trial for users to test it out.