By Charley Duggan ‘24

On Feb. 24, the math team competed in regionals at Evergreen Park High School. Performances came from all classes. The math team took second place overall. The junior/senior eight person team placed second. Finishing in first place was the calculator team. 

The team faced multiple challenges involving critical thinking. Calculations and questions were very difficult and challenging. The team pulled through posting an outstanding performance. 

Junior Gavin O’Connor had a great performance. O’Connor took first place in the junior/senior duo. 

O’Connor said, “I was very impressed by how the team did at the regional. It was our first year at the regional competition, and we didn’t know what to expect. However, the previous competitions had prepared us for this one. Some questions were very difficult, but some I had recognized from practice and past competitions. The most important thing was to keep an open mind and try to remember everything you have learned about a particular topic.” 

Senior Owen McShane was another academic weapon. McShane was a part of the calculator team and has been a part of the math team for two years. His calculations were spot on during the competition. 

McShane said, “Personally, I felt I competed well, even though I wasn’t familiar with every question. The team did really well as our junior/senior calculator team and two-person calculator team both qualified for state as well as a few individuals. I felt that I overcame a few challenges during the competition as I was able to think on the spot how to solve questions that I haven’t practiced before.” 

J.D. Gamboa had a spectacular performance. Gamboa has been a part of the math team for two years, and he has worked so hard to get to this point now. Making it to state has been a goal for so long.

Gamboa said, “I felt confident about the regional. I was putting in a ton of work beforehand and felt great. As a team, I felt we were getting better after each competition, so I was hopeful. I felt the questions and challenges were too hard, as I said we were very prepared for the regional. I’m always very sure of all my answers, and I am confident in my mathematical abilities.”

The math team has had a spectacular year, competing at high level competition. Skills have been developed in the classroom that allow the team to compete at such a high level. State will be held at Illinois State University in March.