By Nick Niego ‘23

The final signing day for student-athletes at Brother Rice was this past Wednesday. A total of 18 students decided on the college they will be attending next year.

Friends and families gathered in the main gym before school started to congratulate the young men on their hard work and dedication to school and their respective sport.

St. Ambrose basketball signee Ryan Kenney said, “School and sports are very similar. You have to put in work to get what you want and go where you want to go. Nothing is handed to you.”

Four students signed for basketball, five signed for soccer, four signed for hockey, four signed for football, and one student signed for baseball.

Loras baseball signee Aiden O’Hara said, “The signing day was a lot of fun. I am excited to see what all of us could do at the next level.”

Signees took a picture by themselves at the table, and afterwards took a picture with their families. After everyone took their own picture, each sports team took a picture with the Brother Rice coach of their sport.

Brother Rice is known for producing great students that also succeed in sports. Brother Rice has plenty of athletes in a variety of sports playing in college.

Loras football signee Henry Ivers said, “Our student-athletes have excelled on and off the field and given themselves the chance to excel in college.”