By Peter McShane ‘23 

With the new phone policy at Brother Rice, lots of students are very upset that they’re not even allowed to have them at lunch. Although there might be a slight chance that this rule could be changed, what if the school just brought back the ping pong table they got rid of in 2018?

Some of the teachers mentioned how students weren’t showing attention to their classmates because they were too busy looking at their phones at lunch, so what better way to have the kids socialize more than bringing back the ping pong table?

Robert Reagan said, “I think bringing the ping pong table back would be awesome for more people to get to know each other. Although some people only have a half period for lunch, I think they would find it more fun watching ping pong than staring at their homework assignments.”

Robert brought up a great point when he mentioned that people would find watching others play more fun than staring at their Chromebooks because everyone likes when there is a lot of energy in the lunchroom.

Charles Reagan said, “There would probably be some fights over who’s playing and who’s not on some days, but I think someone would be able to figure out some sort of schedule or rule for that.”

There are pros and cons for almost everything, but the pros would definitely outweigh the negatives if the school brings back the ping pong table.

“Brother Rice putting the ping pong table back in the lunchroom would have kids excited during the day, knowing that they’re getting closer to lunch. I think they should put it back,” said sophomore Kevin McShane.

Hopefully the school can really consider putting a ping pong table back in the lunchroom, especially while the no phone in the lunchroom policy is still in place.