By Robbie Rutledge ‘24


This past Friday, Brother Rice hosted its yearly Pep Rally, having fun competitions, an eating contest, and an amazing performance from our Lady Crusaders.

The hosts of the day, Connor Stack and JD Maloney, had some high praises for the event.

Junior Connor Stack said, “I was really happy with the turnout. The students participated, the fans got involved, and the day was just very enjoyable.”

The first event of the day was the scooter relay race. Although the seniors seemed to be heavy favorites to win, they ended up coming in third place after Brendan Hayes fell off his scooter. The freshmen ended up taking round one of the events.

Round two was the eating contest and the comeback for the seniors. The senior squad of Seamus Hanley, Kevin Worthy, and Angel Santoyo were no match for the rest of the school. Team Belly ended up devouring their food and taking home the win.

President of the Student Council and winner of the eating contest Seamus Hanley said, “I was excited, you know it is always good to put on a show for the students, and I’m just happy team Belly came out with the win.”

With the seniors and the freshmen tied for the lead, it came down to a game of tug-of-war to declare the winner. As both teams lined up against each other, the chants in the gym arose and the suspense built up. The whistle blew, and the seniors dragged the freshmen over the line in seconds, winning the tug-of-war.

Mr. Prunckle Dean of Student Life and the organizer of this event, said, “I hope the boys enjoyed the pep rally and seeing the different classes competing against one another. Hopefully, we can continue to build excitement and school spirit through pep rallies and competitions between the classes.”

The pep rally was a tremendous success and a great way to start off our homecoming weekend.