By Mateo Perez ‘23

Set in Menachap, California, every person in the audience of a high school play falls unconscious–every person but one. What happened?

This year, Mother McAuley’s spring play is “Trap,” an unnerving and exhilarating documentary-style play.

Senior Michelle-Marie Nimo said, “I am looking forward to closing out my senior year with a great show and great friends.”

Costume crew member Christian Davis said, “My favorite thing about being part of costume crew is contributing to something bigger and the companionship that comes with it. Although this is my last show at McAuley, I will definitely miss my friends in crew and in the cast.”

This play is strange, fun, and mysterious, and it brings a new experience and feel to the Mother McAuley Auditorium.

Junior PJ Panarese said, “This play brings the cast and crew together as a family to face and unveil this exciting mystery.”

The ensemble brings this story of the strange event to life, but as the pieces slowly come together, it becomes clear that this story might not be entirely in the past.