Why Choose Brother Rice?

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Be a Crusader. Be Exceptional.

For over 60 years, Brother Rice High School has provided young men with an advantage academically, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Studies show that students in a single-gender setting perform better academically. They study harder, concentrate more and are more willing to participate in classroom discussions.

The dynamic learning environment at Brother Rice creates a positive attitude that remains with our students for life. The faculty and staff provide a disciplined, enriching atmosphere where students are encouraged to grow and take responsibility for their learning while contributing to the vibrant Brother Rice community.

As a Christian Brothers school, Brother Rice seeks to create a community of faith where each young man is accepted, recognized, valued and challenged. When a young man attends Brother Rice High School, he becomes a lifelong part of our legacy and crusade.

By the Numbers



We prepare students for a postsecondary education and beyond. Customized curriculums challenge every student and strengthen their skills.



We teach students to compete with a strong Catholic, ethical and moral compass and have established a tradition of exceptional athletic achievement.



We offer many ways for students to get involved, meet other students and build exceptional friendships that will last a lifetime.