By Conor Doyle ‘19

On Friday, March 15, the Brother Rice main office foyer was filled with Brother Rice alumni who took the time out of their day to come speak to current juniors and seniors. The alumni had various careers ranging from the trades to executives. No matter the profession, however, one thing was consistent – they all were successful examples of what a Brother Rice education is capable of.

These speakers provided the juniors and seniors valuable information about their careers, giving them a glimpse of what each career offered. By doing this, it gave those that may have previously been interested in a career either confirmation of their path or a new path to pursue. This is especially critical for the juniors and seniors as they are in the process of trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Senior Jack Clisham said, “While I still don’t know what career path I will follow later in life, many of the speakers gave me valuable insights into their careers that I will be able to take in account when deciding on a career in the future.”

However, careers were not the only thing touched on by the speakers. They also emphasized the large part that Brother Rice played in shaping them into the success stories they are today. As a part of this, they also spoke about service and how that was part of what made them successful.

Senior Dean Sison said, “Several of the speakers also stressed the importance of service to their community as one of the best ways to give back, which I thought was a great idea to strive for.”

Brother Rice Career Day was not without its share of fun, with several of the speakers being well known to the students.

“I really enjoyed seeing Coach Lane again and he also let us know how important networking is to our future,” said junior Malachi Dameron.

One thing is a fact – these alumni all gave up valuable time to come speak to the students, and for that they deserve all of Brother Rice’s thanks, as they are inspiring the future generations of Crusader alumni.