By Pat Galeher ’22 – Team Leader

Covid-19 tried its best to take down my senior year, but I didn’t let it. Unfortunately, the pandemic affected last year’s seniors immensely, but the Class of 2022 graduated Covid free.

Senior year was certainly an exciting way to end my action-packed high school career. The summer of 2021 was filled with football workouts and team parties. Then school came around and my schedule was busy, to say the least. Because of commitments to student council, NHS, football, and school, my free time ran slim. This never stopped me from having fun.

My senior football season was definitely my favorite for numerous reasons. First, I was honored to serve my team as team captain. Besides making it so far into the playoffs, this team had a bond like no other. My favorite part was making prime friendships that will last a lifetime.

After losing in the semifinals in football, I felt motivated to carry on this success into the wrestling season. The year 2022 marked Brother Rice’s first-team appearance in the state tournament series. I was lucky enough to be the heavyweight on a historic Crusader team. The best part was James Bennett’s takedown that sealed our spot in team state. Talk about electric!

Winter also offered me the opportunity to serve as a leader on K158. I was previously on K156, which allowed me to meet other students that I thought I would have never been so close with. Kairos was a great opportunity to share my story and create a brotherhood like no other.

Spring was a fantastic way to end my senior year. Rugby served as my last high school sport and my last time playing at Tom Mitchell Stadium. What I loved so much about rugby Is that big men can carry the ball. No longer do I have to block for those running the ball.

My favorite part of spring was traveling to Peru. This trip was no normal vacation. Peru opened my eyes to what poverty is truly about. Helping the poor is not only about donating money; instead, get to know the poor and see what they need. Peru was also a great opportunity for me to live in a culture much different than mine.

The advice I would like to share with underclassmen is don’t be afraid to try anything. Getting involved not only improves your resume, but it also introduces you to new interests and people. Take advantage of all the wonderful things this school offers and have fun doing so.