By Patrick Conroy ‘22

Tiger Woods returned to the Masters following a catastrophic vehicle accident in December of 2021. That accident left him with multiple injuries and required emergency surgery. However, Woods was able to return to the golf course after undergoing rehabilitation. Woods shocked the golf world by participating in a tournament with his kid only ten months after the accident occurred.

Woods finished 47th out of the 91 golfers. His return to the golf scene; it was seen as a major accomplishment. Woods made a statement telling everyone that he can compete and nothing is going to hold him back from the sport he loves. Throughout the tournament, he slowly began to ache and his ankle began to swell. He even had a bit of a limp at the end of it.

In a post match interview, Tiger said, “I don’t quite have the endurance that I would like to have had, but as of a few weeks ago, didn’t even know if I was going to play in this event.” Yet, he smiled through it all because he wanted to be there; he wanted to golf.

Woods was involved in a car accident on Feb, 23, 2021, while he was driving his SUV at an excessive speed early in the morning. While In a 45 mph zone, exceeding 80 miles per hour, Woods tried to make a turn but couldn’t slow the car enough to make the turn, whipping the vehicle off the road and into a ditch alongside it. The accident had no external cause. There was no one else to blame but himself.

During the Master’s Woods said, “I’m lucky to be alive and also have a limb.” According to Woods, there was a 50-50 chance of it being amputated. He pushed through the pain to play the sport he loves, going from a man who had little to no chance of playing ever again, to recovering as one of the world’s most prominent golfers, thereby continuing his legacy on the green for years to come. Welcome back, Tiger.