By Tom Devine ‘20

No, there’s not another alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon. This time, the coyotes have wandered their way into the streets of Chicago.

Expert researchers have been tracking the movement of coyotes throughout the past years. Although coyotes have been spotted in the northern part of Cook County, it is not usual for them to be seen in Chicago.

Multiple coyote sightings in Chicago were reported in early January. Researchers claim that coyotes will come to populated areas in search of food to feed their young.

“It’s pretty crazy to hear about the news of the coyotes. I hope people in Lincoln Park stay safe when they are out in public.” Connor Bowes said.

To make the news even more interesting, there was an incident of a 6-year-old boy that was bitten by a coyote. Two bystanders quickly rushed to help separate the boy and the coyote. The boy was sent to the hospital with no severe injuries.

“I was shocked when I saw the news of the kid that got attacked. I hope he did not taunt the scared coyote and forced the animal to respond by defending itself. This was a sad situation overall,” Liam McElligott commented.

The attack was the first reported incident in over a decade in Chicago. Animal control thought that the boy may have been too close to the coyote and frightened it.

Animal experts suggest that if you come in contact with a coyote, do not run or turn your back and, most importantly, to not feed it.

“It would be very hard to keep composure if I came in contact with a wild animal, such as a coyote. To be honest, I think I would freak out and run for my life,” said Nehemiah Ray.

Animal control concluded that you should not leave house pets unattended when wild animals are spotted in the area. It is also suggested to never leave out animal food, because you could be harming the animal.